The best smart light switches for 2022

Is it sick of not being able to control your dog lights with your phone? Good news! You can customize most of your home lighting fixtures to have them connected to the web.

While many of us do not want to go through the hassle of replacing old light bulbs with smart ones, we can opt for smart light switches instead. Offers a number of the same benefits as modern smart bulbs, smart light switch easy to install and easy to manage – either at home or on the go. For your opinion, this is a compilation of the best smart light bulbs available right now.

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Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer

Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Switch and app.

As far as smart lighting systems go, This switch by Lutron is one of the easiest to install and most feature on the market. Switching this smart light does not require a neutral wire. In addition, it offers geofencing capabilities, which means that your lights can automatically turn on when you get home and off when you go. You can also set them to turn on or off by themselves at certain times of the day, a great feature that can make you feel at home when you actually go.

Switching yourself is a high performance, with different buttons indicating what your options are, whether you want to turn on the lights or adjust the brightness. Do you want to use voice commands to control lights? Integrate Lutron conversion with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to get started.

Remember that you will need to accept Lutron Smart Bridge to use all features including any Lutron products, including Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer. You can buy initial application, which includes a bridge and remote control. The bridge must be plugged into your home router for controlling electricity from your electronics, such as a smartphone.

WeMo Smart Light Switch (Gen-second)

Changing Wemo Light (Gen 2nd) in a living room.

WeMo is a great powerhouse, offering many bulbs, switches, and smart plugs for building a smart home. One of the new friends is WeMo Smart Light Switch (2nd-gen). After installation quickly and easily, you will be able to manage your firewalls with conversion, WeMo application, and Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit voice commands (smart speaker or display required).

Within the WeMo application, you will be able to build custom settings for your firefighters and fans, eager for them to turn on at certain times of the day. If you are leaving town for a week, you can even turn Away Mode, which turns on / off at random to make it look like someone is at home. Conveniently, WeMo even lets you compile multiple variables together for the compilation controls of your lighting and other useful features. Do not notice that the WeMo Smart Light Switch (Gen-second) requires neutral wire and is it’s not compatible with three-way switch.

GE C-Start Smart Switch

Switch Smart GE C-Start near the front door of a home.

C by GE is a powerful amalgam of minimalist design and flexible workmanship. The common design of the plate is not obtrusive or disturbing, but is, in fact, pleasant to look at. The controls are easy to touch and pull the controls, and small volumes of lights make for effective (but not excessive) night lighting.

Configuration and remote control are controlled by the GE C App, but the conversion is also compatible with voice commands via Google Assistant or Alexa, giving you many different ways to manage it, with options to minimize it. On its own, the GE C-Start Smart Switch is also incredibly adaptable: You can automatically dim or illuminate depending on the natural light you see in the field or if you are considering moving in the area.

TP-Link Land Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

The TP-Link Land Smart Light Switch.

As part of the Kasa family of smart devices, the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch allows for system configuration information through the Kasa Smart application. Users can easily integrate the clocks and counters that the switch will respond to, including ‘ID mode,’ a feature that will throw your lights on / off randomly, making it seem like someone is at home.

Them TP-Link Land Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch is a simpler alternative than some on our list, but a better choice for those who are looking for minimalist designs, or those who prefer TP-Link devices and want to keep all their devices connected and it integrates. It also has great sound management options, offering compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Cortana. The Kasa app is a go-through specifically designed to help homeowners install the switch yourself, which is something of a must more smart switch should be provided.

iDevices Instinct

The iDevices Instinct on a Desk.
John Velasco / Digital lominu

There is nothing better than having a virtual helper in your hand. With the iDevices Instinct, a smart light switch with the built-in Alexa function, that’s exactly what you get. As long as Alexa is behind the device, it works just as well as any other smart speaker using Alexa. To be able to turn on / off the various lights connected to the Amazon Alexa ecosystem to check on your future calendar appointments, Instinct does it all. The blue button is also on the switch itself to indicate Alexa responses and other functions. The ring also doubles as a handy night light.

What we like about the iDevices Instinct is that it offers additional sensors in the package. For example, lights and motion sensors can automatically turn off your lights at certain times of the day (or when someone is walking). You can also receive notifications when events occur – such as motion detection – even when you are not at home. In short, Instinct can perform double function as a security system and voice helper.

Leviton Decora

The Lutron Decora has a dining room.

The non-frills design of the Leviton Decora smart wall switch makes it perfect for someone just starting the process of upgrading their home to a “smart” position. Changing the large paddle is not trivial and straightforward, and the small rotation on the right side makes it easy to adjust the brightness in additions. Thanks to a series of LEDs, you will know how much dimmer or light you can go. There is also a small LED at the bottom of the switch, so you can see it in the dark – although not as bright as to disturb your sun.

Do you have a large room where you want to incorporate a smart light switch? This via Leviton supports three-way switches, and as long as you connect directly to your Wi-Fi, you won’t need a bridge. As for compatible applications, you can use it to set how long the LED dimming and the bottom LED (which stays in the dark) are on. You can also create schedules for when the lights should be turned off automatically or on, meaning you can even use your lights to wake you up in the morning. Integrate Leviton Decora smart wall switch with Amazon Alexa, Google Help, or IFTTT for a smarter, more connected home.

Researching and buying ideas

What is a smart light switch?

A typical smart switch is normally turned on / off, giving the power to turn it on and off as a normal switch. However, smart light switches also connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a partner application that allows you to control the switch remotely. Most smart light switches also allow you to create settings, views, that can be activated using sound control using a helper such as Alexa or Google Help, which makes them easier.

How does a smart light switch work?

Always switch smart light in wireless adapter and connect wirelessly to peer-to-peer applications (usually via Wi-Fi, but sometimes via Bluetooth). You can connect that companion application to a digital helper like Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control and central control with your other smart home devices.

Do smart light switches need a port?

Most modern smart light switches do not require a port, but some require a port to have full access to switching features. Ports are becoming more common, and you can find a number of affordable smart light switches that do not require one.

Can smart dimmers and switches be used externally?

Most light bulbs and dimmer switches are ideal for indoor use only. However, you can find many smart plugs that work outdoors that can control fiber lights and other outdoor lighting. You can also install a smart switch in the house and use it to control the outdoor porch or patio light.

Can you change a smart light?

Yes, there are many ways to turn unintelligible lights into bright lights. You can make your lights brighter by using smart bulbs, smart plugs, or using instant products like Change.

Can you dim the lights with a smart light switch?

If your smart light bulbs and bulbs have dimmer capabilities, you will be able to reduce the lights. However, you will not be able to reduce your lights if the application does not support that feature.

Why are smart light switches so expensive?

Some smart light switches are more expensive than others, but the cost has decreased significantly as more and more models fill the market. You can find quality conversion for at least $ 30.

Do smart electricity changes save you money?

Yes, smart electricity converters can save you money by helping to reduce energy consumption.

How do you install a smart light switch?

Most people can install a smart light switch on an afternoon. However, keep in mind that most smart light switches require a neutral cable for installation. You should have neutral wires if your home was built after the 1980s.

Where can I buy a smart light switch?

You can find smart light switches on Amazon and at big box retailers and appliance stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Home Depot. Amazon is likely to have a comprehensive list of smart light switch products, though.

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