Forget space travel, how about working space?

When we field trip on the International Space Station (ISS) requires climbing into a space shuttle for six hours outside an orbital device, “space making” is a simple case of randomly navigating to the Node 3 module – also known as a safety net – Connecting a harness, pressing on the T2 treadmill, and hitting the “on” button.

Current ISS resident Matthias Maurer recently shared a 360-degree video (below) showing him taking some exercise on the ribbon, with the harness ensuring he did not float out of the machine in microgravity conditions.

“You’ve seen a space trip, how about making a space?” Maurer refused tweet this introducing video. “T2 in Node 3 is our reliable slim device & when we attach ourselves with harness and bungee it almost seems to run on Earth.”

As the video was taken with the 360 ​​camera, you can drag the image around to explore the whole scene as Maurer works (otherwise, you can play a more detailed video tour of the module).

Maurer, who arrived at the station in November, recently posted another video showing it using ARED (Resistive Automatic Exhaust Machine), a device with pneumatic cylinders that creates special power to give special body exercise.

Other machine astronauts that can be used as part of a two-hour fitness routine daily are CEVIS (Ergometer Cycle with Vibration Isolation and Stabilization System), a bicycle designed specifically for aerobic exercise.

This NASA video from the last few years shows many of the ISS fitness equipment in practice, and provides more information about astronauts’ exercise ideas.

The microgravity conditions on the station mean that astronauts experience very little use, a condition that can lead to rapid damage unless they perform regular exercises.

And if you’re wondering whether astronauts sweat in space, well, the answer is yes, they do. However, there is one important difference: While on Earth, gravity causes the sweat that is excreted to change the face and body, at the point where it stops growing, creating a film of salt water on the skin. In this case, comfortable towels are on hand to clean the sweat.

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