Console Wars Are Back And Worse Than Ever

When I was a kid, I was a soldier for Nintendo. I was fiercely loyal to the nintendo gamecube, so much so that I was outraged when my parents played my game at Christmas by saying they gave me an Xbox instead. It was a criminal offense in the heat of console battles.

“War Console” is a widely used term to describe competition between game console manufacturers. It became a household word when Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis went to war for the TV show. The famous Sega made ads that took direct shots in Nintendo, saying “Genesis did what Nintendon did not.” That competition came through several console generations and essentially broke when it became a three-way competition between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Today, the most talented gamers will tell you that console wars ended in essence by the year 2010. Nintendo broke into its own niche, while Sony and Microsoft began learning how to play beautiful games with support altar-cross. Even with the loyalists posting on their Twitter foxholes, the world has learned that many comforters can live in peace.

That changed this week. Microsoft announces that it plans to get Activision Blizzard in shot heard ’round the world. It was an angry move that signaled World War II Console was approaching – and this time, the proportions were very high.

The first war

The first iteration of the “console host” was tame by today’s standards. For the most part, it heavily revolved around exclusive games. The consoles are defined by how well their first team libraries perform, which gives fans a size to measure the success of a program. When a console reaches the exclusion of a third party, it is praised as a world victory, showing how strong a company can be.

Despite feeling intense at the time, most of it was a good creation. Companies will take jabs to each other in promotions, fans will argue over message boards, and magazines will make controversial recommendations like, “Mario, Sonic… get ready for battle. Blinx is here! “

If you want to know who is behind the death of a famous sailor today… Well, let’s just say "Big M" not prepared…

& mdash; Frequent Blinx Facts (@barelyblinx) March 31, 2021

Console battles started to die when Nintendo launched the Wii. The motion control system is an entry that Nintendo no longer sees as competing with Microsoft and Sony. It offers completely different experiences, and that helps everyone get the impression that the Wii and Xbox 360 can live under one roof.

Sony retains a sense of isolation through much of the 2010s, refusing to give up cross-platform play. It will damage the hole after increasing pressure from the players, breaking down the last barrier. With Microsoft focusing on selling Game Pass as a service and Sony doubling down on movie exclusive, both companies are taking different approaches so that they do not really compete with each other.

That suspension led us to a false sense of security. Now every new generation of actors is almost right in history.

War does not change

By 2020, it is clear that the skies are dark again. When Microsoft announced its intentions take Bethesda, the actors were stunned. Buying IPs such as Doom, Wolfenstein, and The Elder Scrolls feels like carrying the rage of indifference in modern times. Microsoft is trying to alleviate concerns that it will lead to exclusivity, before it completely reverses and Xbox approval will become the exclusive home for Bethesda games.

That news put an end to the small arms race. Sony shut down a few of its own theaters, although nothing on the Bethesda scale. Instead, Sony only formalized its relationship with Studio he had a strong working relationship with already. If Microsoft is going to remove Bethesda games from the PlayStation, the least you can do is to give your first team strength.

But the Activision Blizzard news is a cannonball directly through the Sony wall. With Call of Duty, Overwatch, and even the PlayStation Crash Bandicoot icon now exclusive to Xbox, it is clear that Microsoft means war. Fifi kun value to Xbox Game Pass about landing high profile games is one thing; Taking those games away from your competitors to do so is a different beast.

It is the kind of transfer that can only lead to revenge. Sony will be forced to pre-print some printers to avoid further damage. Meanwhile, it gives fanboys on both sides a lot of kerosene. Xbox fans will use the news to impress PlayStation owners by saying “Xbox is the best game” while PLAYSTATION fans will take a high point of action by beating the upcoming Microsoft monopoly. You are going to get ugly.

What annoys you about the return of power to console battles is that it is too much less safe this time. Back in the 90s, we had an argument over what cartoon mascot was better than Mario. Today, we look at gigantic vacant companies in a way that jeopardizes corporate integration. Imagine if every major publisher, from EA to Sega, was owned by one of the two companies. It is the contribution of the government in making.

None of this should be celebrated, but tribal comfort will make blind lovers complain. Once we start rooting for the club reunion as we would for the New England Patriots, fandom gaming will have lost any soul it has truly left behind.

If we are really entering the new era of console wars, the best team to play is not with Sony or Microsoft. Anyone who loves video games and wants to see industry growth should be serious of practices like this, regardless of the type of console they have. When companies attack each other, it only takes our eyes off the real battles that lead to the fight.

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