5 Reasons I Love Leica M11 Cameras And 5 Reasons I Don’t

Them Leica M11 is the latest in a long line, an acceptable line of digital cameras of its kind often purchased by people with a lot of disposable income. They are very decorative as photo tools, however the M11 has some impressive capabilities that ask the question, should you buy one?

Why you should buy one:

Incredible picture quality

There are a few cameras on the market that can match the M11 in terms of sheer resolution. This camera packs 60 megapixels (MP). That means a lot, hard-drive hogging files as a result, but Leica calls the M11 sensor “three-dimensional,” meaning it can still shoot at 36MP and 12MP while still using the full area of ​​the sensor.

An added bonus is that at smaller resolutions, the M11 delivers a better power output. Further improvement in image quality is the unique infrared and ultraviolet cutting filter that helps the camera to capture more accurate colors. The result of all this technology is a powerful camera to take the best photos possible.

A man accompanied by a viewer of the Leica M11.

Glad to use

Amidst a wide range of design, optimal body control calls, and a small form factor, the Leica M11 is a fun camera to use. It immerses you in the work of photography without getting in the way like bulk, plastic monsters that are a staple of today’s camera market. Despite its beautiful design, it cuts the fat of unnecessary distractions from its photography.

Value ongoing

Where most digital cameras drop in value once you take them out of the box, the Leica M series camera can sell a few years later after using a weight for a hefty portion of its original purchase price. The M10, for example, is now five years old, still selling on eBay for as much or more than it did in 2017, depending on its location.

One thing about this longevity is the high quality of the cameras in this series. They are built like tanks, and are actually designed to head gracefully like fine wine. For example, those made of brass are designed so that as the outer layer fades over time, the camera will develop a unique and attractive patina.

Leica M11 with attached lens.

Street I think

Carry the M11 around, and your fellow photographers will almost be green with envy. Even if you are not a very good photographer, you can compensate for a lot of your lack of wisdom or talent because people will think that anyone who wants to drop that much on a camera. must know what they are doing! Just swagger into your local exhibition with a handful of drab snapshots and your M11 hanging around your neck and of course you will become a hit in a flat time.

Fantastic lenses

Leica lenses are legendary – and for good reason. They are as close to perfect optical as possible to get. Not only are the lenses like the Leica APO-Summicron-M 50 f / 2 ASPH within the pre-made lenses, with different characters in their entirety, they are also incredibly compact compared to lenses with similar lengths highlights and apertures from other suppliers.

Rear view of Leica M11.

Why not buy one:

Absurdly expensive

No sugarcoating fact that the Leica M11 will set back $ 8,995. Think of all the other things you can do with that kind of money. You can buy a used car, or a higher quality one Nikon configuration and you have money left over to go on vacation with your new camera. It has many more than a thousand Nikon, Canon, or Sony ká the most expensive new mirrorless camera, and it’s not even with a lens.

Remember that Leica APO-Summicron-M 50 f / 2 ASPH lens? Well, if you want that little beauty, be prepared to pay $ 8,995 all the time again because as expensive as the Leica camera bodies are, they only cling to a piece of ice for what you should expect to spend. However, if $ 18,000 for a new camera and lens scares you, then it is not the intended product for the M11. If you are planning this camera specifically, it is possible to match that shiny new Lamborghini you have parked in one of your garages.

A man examines a Leica camera.

Lack of modern features

Despite that exciting price tag you have to bypass the M11, rather it is outdated in many ways. There is no self-image stabilization, and it is not even focused. Although this camera is at the luxury level of the product, it is one of the most wide-angle cameras you can buy, and the no-frills body is exactly what Leica photographers want.

Can not sell video

In terms of what Leica photographers have made clear that they do not want, the video is there at the top of the list, and thankfully for them, the M11 does not even give you the option to shoot video. This is a stand-alone camera, so look elsewhere if you are planning on making any film.

Top plate and controls of Leica M11.

Pretentious and unnecessary

There is no positive way of saying this, but Leica cameras are the cameras of the audience. I am allowed to say this, because if I were richer, I would even be indifferent, of Leica-owning snob. Like a watch, a diamond bracelet, or soon – a Netflix subscription – The M11 is very affordable, and there are similar products out there that can do everything you can for a fraction of the price.

Do not assume that you need M11; it is something you want, and as long as you acknowledge that, you can go ahead and enjoy the pretentious, unnecessary, and wonderful material.

You will be afraid to shoot with it

The problem with purchasing very expensive and expensive items designed to do a useful job is that you can feel comfortable wearing and tearing, not to mention damage and theft. If you are spending a hefty budget to buy this expensive expensive camera, you may not be able to really enjoy owning it.

Okay, should you accept or not?

At the end of the day, the Leica M11 is a perfect match for your’s audience of photographers who can have a really expensive photo shoot and also be able to take beautiful photos. Don’t get me wrong, this is an incredibly powerful camera, capable of delivering unique and compelling images. However, for many hobbyists and practitioners working, more practical devices are available at one-third of the cost.

If you are a Leica enthusiast, you may have already ordered the M11. If you are someone with small deep pockets of use of almost 10 inches on camera is an annoying purchase, you should buy the M11. If you are a highly successful professional photographer who wants to incorporate “Leica Look” into their portfolio, then you should buy the M11. If you are anyone other than this small, small percentage of the population, then it is best to buy in almost any other camera.

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