2023 Toyota Sequoia Go Hybrid, Maintains Off-Road Power

If you want to know more about how automotive technology has come in the last decade and a half, see Toyota Sequoia.

Toyota’s full-size SUV was last redesigned for the 2007 model, and today it feels as old as the giant tree it was named. Sequoia preceded the evolution of infotainment and driver auxiliary technology, and when designed, the only way to provide enough grunt was to stick the gas-guzzling V8 under the hood. Times have changed, and now, finally, so does Sequoia.

The refurbished Toyota Sequoia 2023 retains the old school SUV characteristics such as high-capacity suction and road power, but in a modern package that meets current technical requirements. In addition, it is hybrid.

Interior of Toyota Sequoia 2023.


As before, Sequoia is based on a Toyota Tundra pickup truck, but this time it is an updated version of the Tundra that debuted for 2022. So while Sequoia also has a self-contained frame-building construction, it rides on a stronger new frame than its predecessor, helping to improve long-distance comfort, according to Toyota.

External display also shows Sequoia’s Tundra DNA, which can be good or bad, depending on what you like. If you want an in-car SUV that won’t bother you with a minivan, here it is. But Toyota’s efforts to make the 2023 Sequoia look as hard as possible do not produce a glossy or elegant design.

The Sequoia remains a three-line SUV, but it has a rental third line that can be moved forward or aft to increase cargo space, or footrest for passenger seats, depending on what you carry. Toyota also includes adjustable shelves for luggage area. On the front, the design features a wide range of Tundra, with a large center touch screen that sits on top of the dashboard and chunky controls that match the rugged exterior.

Toyota Sequoia 2023 touch screen.


Sequoia is getting the controversial new Toyota Audio Multimedia infotainment system in the Tundra 2022. An 8.0-inch touch screen, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and a powerful 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot to support up to five standard devices. The 14.0-inch touch screen is available on higher cutting levels. The new infotainment system also supports Amazon Music, Apple Music, cloud-based navigation, and on-air software updates.

The Sequoia 2023 also incorporates Toyota Safety 2.5 driver-assistance technology, including further accident warning (including pedestrian detection), automatic cruise control, and automatic highlights. Blind spot monitoring and back-up alarm are standard as well, while the available 360-degree camera system and rear camera mirror should make keeping this great SUV easy.

Finally, Toyota incorporates some of the most important features in the pump. The Trailer Backup guide helps when supported with a trailer, while the Auto Trailer Guide provides manual input to help keep the SUV and trailer pointing directly when you switch.

Engine Toyota Sequoia 2023.


Sequoia received i-Force Max hybrid powertrain from Tundra has standard equipment. The powertrain consists of a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 and a 10-speed automatic transmission, with an electric motor mounted in the transmission’s bell housing. This allows the Toyota to retain a four-wheeler with a smaller size, which is ideal for the road. It is also an extra-cost option; Sequoia comes standard with rear-wheel drive.

The Sequoia’s 437 horsepower of 2023 and 583 lb-ft of torque represent improvements of 56 hp and 182 lb-ft on the 2082 V8 model. to improve your previous dismal 14 mpg combined with four wheel drive. Toyota notes that the electric car initially operates at low speeds, with the gasoline engine doing most of the work above 18 mph.

The renewal delay included with the load-level air suspension (depending on the configuration from the Tundra) should be made for longer distances. The TRD Pro road model adopts its own suspension system, with differential locking mechanism and chunkier tires for greater road power.

Toyota says the new Sequoia has the capacity to pump up to 9,000 pounds (when properly equipped). That is a nice increase on the compact capacity of the old 7,400-pound model.

View profile of Toyota Sequoia 2023.


Sequoia has more power and higher potential than Chevrolet Tahoe, but at the forefront of technology, Chevy offers Google-built features as part of its infotainment system. Nissan Armada offers the right technology, but cannot get out of Toyota. Both SUVs also rely on V8 engines (Chevy also offers a six-cylinder diesel), and can not match Sequoia’s 14.0-inch Touch.

Ford Expedition’s Twin-turbo V6 is not stronger than the Toyota hybrid system, but Ford also beat the Toyota in transmission capacity (about 300 pounds). The trip also received a smart version of its Pro Trailer Backup Assist, and Ford plans to add it BlueCruise Hand-held driver assistance program as an option later in the calendar year.

Toyota has not yet announced the price but, for reference, the 2022 Sequoia starts at $ 50,500 and can offset $ 70,000 with options. Those prices are for a car that doesn’t have development costs to pay, so expect 2023 Sequoia to start a little higher when it comes to showrooms this summer.

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